Monday, October 10, 2011

Hot Buns


Black Swan has nothing on this novel.



If you've ever taken a barre class, dreamed of having a dancer's body, or just enjoy good gossip, we've got a read for you. Pick up Bunheads the first novel (released today) from former New York City Ballet dancer Sophie Flack. It's Black Swan-meets-Gossip Girl, and offers a offers a backstage glimpse at the lives of ballet dancers. We caught up with Flack to learn more ballerina secrets:


Q: What's a bunhead?

A: Bunheads is an insider term for girls obsessed with ballet who wears their hair up in a bun at all times.


Q: What do you wish people understood about ballet bodies?

A: There is a common misconception that ballerina bodies are starved bodies, but in fact our bodies are cultivated over a lifetime of training. Because ballet is an aesthetic art form there is, of course, a lot of pressure to look good, but above all, we are athletes. Professional dance is like training for the Olympics every day of our lives knowing full well that the actual day of competition will never arrive. Our task as dancers is to be hyper aware of our bodies, and we've been honing this body knowledge since we were little kids. We just keep pushing and pushing our capabilities towards a new level of physical understanding.


Q: How do you stay fit since you're no longer dancing professionally?

A: My boyfriend and I take Pilates together at Core Pilates and I work out at Crunch Fitness several days a week.


And because you really need to figure out what your Halloween costume will be, we got Sophie to dish on what you need to do to perfect the bunhead costume.


It's tutu clever.


Bunheads-inspired Halloween Costume



Unleash your inner ballerina.


The hair: Put your hair up in a high ponytail, wrap the hair around the elastic and secure with pins. Try this ballet bun tutorial.


The clothes: Beyond the leotard and tights, look for a dance skirt, leg warmers, wrap sweater, ballet shoes.

The goods: Carry a water bottle, resistance band and foam roller.