If you need someone with insider details, it doesn’t get better than this.

Remarkable Merit … brilliantly captures the arc from soaring ballerina to exhausted dancer collapsing in a pool of sweat and the crushing disappointment of not becoming a soloist, forever doomed to dance corps roles.

Readers, both dancers and “pedestrians” (the corps’ term for nondancers), will find Hannah’s struggle a gripping read.

Depicts a world where the characters' most intimate friends are also their greatest obstacles to success.

Expertly chronicled by a former dancer … a story that in the hands of a lesser writer could have seemed a tad too light.


‘Real writers are the ones who are writing all of the time. She’s been writing in those journals for years.’ — Elizabeth Bewley, Sophie Flack’s editor.


You'll love it if... you enjoyed The Black Swan, but want a more realistic view into the life of a young ballerina ... is perfect for a lazy weekend in front of the fire.

[A] great pick for today's young readers as they are set in contemporary times, complete with text messaging dramas and traumas.

A skilled writer and it’s easy to disappear into the pages of this book because she has built a solid story that rings of truth and passion.

Drama, ballet, and love … Bunheads promises to deliver all three ... an homage to the hard-working individuals of the corps de ballet.

5 Stars: I recommend this book to anyone interested in the trade-offs of following one's passion, the life of a performer, the magic of performance, or just a really good read. Bravo for this debut novel!

… really stands out by showing the gritty side of it. It was honest, perceptive, and an absolute pleasure to read.

... a journey into the head and heart of a dedicated ballet dancer discovering who she is and who she wants to be. And I enjoyed every moment of that journey.

… the details and voices in Bunheads creates a world I can see and accept. A beautiful book that ended both too soon, and at just the right moment.

Rating - Excellent: it belongs in my top 10 list for this year.

What Flack has so beautifully articulated is the not only the backstage brutality of dance, but also the magic of dance.

Romantic, funny and totally absorbing, I loved this look into the life of a dancer who struggles with "work/life balance," on a grand scale. I highly recommend this book.

5 stars! Filled with the right amount of friendship, dedication, work, and love, Bunheads is a light read with a deeper meaning.

Among the Best 12 YA Fiction - 2011

One of 10 Best YA Fiction books for 2011 … wholly captivating book with a compelling female lead and an honest portrait of her struggle to succeed.